Problems we help

Treating you as whole person

We offer help for any type of emotional problem, or physical symptoms that can cause emotional distress. The most common symptoms we help are those of anxiety, low mood, and physical conditions that cause fatigue, pain or restrict people’s lives in some way.

1 in 4 of us will be suffering from some kind of emotional problem at any point in time, but this rises to about 2 out of 4 people living with a physical health condition, or persistent physical symptoms. Visit our page “A range of emotional and physical problems” to see the list of problmes we treat, and watch our video below to learn more.

  • Depression (low mood)
  • Worry (generalised anxiety)
  • Panic attacks and Agoraphobia (fear of panic in public places from which a quick escape is difficult)
  • Social Phobia (fear of panic or anxiety symptoms in front of others)
  • Specific Phobias (Fear of specific animals, situations or objects)
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (Intrusive thoughts, images or doubts causing anxiety/distress, and the compulsion to “undo” them with repeated rituals e.g. washing, checking, repeating)
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (acute distress when reminded of a traumatic event, leading to avoidance of reminders, and re-experiencing through nightmares or flashbacks)
  • Health Anxiety (excessive anxiety caused by physical symptoms, or thoughts of serious illness)
  • Chronic Fatigue (excessive prolonged tiredness)
  • Irritable bowel symptoms
  • The emotional effects of living with/managing –
  • Diabetes
  • Respiratory problems
  • Coronary Heart Disease
  • Chronic Pain
  • Stroke
  • Any other physical health condition

To download more information and advice on these problems click on Self-help.

Diabetes wellbeing

Diabetes and emotional wellbeing

Living with Diabetes can affect us emotionally, leading to feelings of worry, apprehension and low mood. This is normal – around 41% of people with Diabetes experience emotional distress.

Research shows that talking therapy with a diabetes wellbeing specialist can improve your mood/anxieties, which in turn can improve your blood glucose levels, helping you to manage your diabetes.

Common struggles include
Finding it hard to accept and adjust to diabetes
Finding it hard to make the necessary changes to diet and routine
Apprehension and worry about blood sugar levels, eating, and your physical health
Feeling stressed, miserable or angry because of restrictions in your life that others don’t have to think about
Apprehension and worry over needles and blood tests
Feeling bad about your body or weight, and skipping insulin or meals
Life stresses that make it feel too hard to manage diabetes

You don’t have to struggle alone!

Diabetes Wellbeing Specialists work in the NHS Community Diabetes Teams. They are trained to help people manage all aspects of living with diabetes, by focusing on overall wellbeing. You can easily book an appointment to see one of the specialists through this website, or by calling the Wellbeing Service on 01782 711651.

What do we offer?

We offer a holistic approach to helping you manage the emotional impact of living with diabetes. We can also help with worries about other life stresses, that in turn can affect your ability to manage diabetes. Our diabetes wellbeing specialists can provide emotional support and talking therapies, these include strategies to recognize and address:

Unhelpful thoughts around diabetes that lead to low mood

Unhelpful behaviours such as avoidance or eating problems

Unhelpful distressing emotions. Apprehension and worry (e.g. over physical symptoms, needles, or other life stresses)

Stress caused by practical life problems

What our support can offer

Diabetes can affect how you feel about yourself, and your future, in an unhelpful way. The support we provide can help improve your ability to manage your own wellbeing, and your long term physical health.

Respiratory wellbeing

Respiratory problems and emotional wellbeing

Do you have COPD, Asthma?  Would you like to better manage your breathing problems?  Common problems include

Feeling out of breath
Feeling tired often
Panicky when trying to catch your breath
Feeing worried and anxious
Feeling down or fed up

You don’t have to struggle alone!

Our Respiratory Wellbeing Specialists can help you, as they work in Respiratory Teams with people who are struggling to manage their breathing problems. It is very common for people with breathing problems to feel stressed, worried and frustrated. Breathlessness can be frightening and often cause people to panic. In turn, the more people panic the worse they feel and the more difficult it can become to manage breathing problems.

Over time, breathing problems can also lead people to stop doing the things they used to do. This can be difficult causing some people to think that they ‘can’t do anything’ and the less they do the more down they may feel.


What do we offer?

Talking to a specialist about these concerns has been found to be effective, and can help people to better manage their breathing problems whilst also improving their mood and anxieties.

By talking with one of our Respiratory Wellbeing Specialists you can:

  • Understand your breathing problems and how this can affect you
  • Learn to manage your breathlessness
  • Understand how your feelings can affect the way you manage your breathing problems

How do I get help?

You can easily refer yourself to see a Respiratory Wellbeing Specialist through this website, or by phoning the Wellbeing Service on 01782 711651

    We can offer appointments in your:

  • Local health clinics
  • GP surgery
  • Over the phone
  • Or at Home when needed



Simply click 01782 711651 and press call


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