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I am struggling with pain everyday and the exhaustion it gives from just trying to do normal things. I don't think the NHS works at all for people with long term problmes like mine. My consultant has written me off as there is nothing more he can do I just have to suffer for the rest of my life. I am starting to see a therapist here who seems nice but I really want to know if anybody has found a way to live with this, I have been suicidal in the past and I don't know if anything can help it just seems hopeless. I have Arthritis I am only 43.
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Hi, Im 17.. I struggle with the exact same things, but a different condition. My consultant told me at age 12 there was nothing he could do and I just had to continue to take my painkillers and learn to live with it, I was also told the same by my specialist physiotherapist. I used to really struggle mentally with the thought of dealing with this forever, but I found social media a huge help..Ive made a lot of friends and thats what gets me through. Im sorry this isnt much help but I did want to let you know theres other people out there.

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